8M 60W Wind Solar Hybrid LED Street Light!

8M 60W Wind Solar Hybrid LED Street Light!
Product Details
Jiansheng Lighting, experienced staff and advanced equipment, is one of the best 8m 60w wind solar hybrid led street light! manufacturers and suppliers in China. We now have the highest quality and competitive price 8m 60w wind solar hybrid led street light! for sale. Welcome to buy our cheap products made in China or experience our customized service, and welcome to check the pricelist and quotation with us.


Wind power generator

The weak wind can also power the three-leaf optimal design

The inhibition of fan sound silent operation

high power LED light source

LED Material Description
1.)Lamp Body: High-Pressure Die-Casting Aluminum. Corrosion Resistant
2.) Application with Polyester Substance in its Surface.
3.) Implement of Reflect: Made of High Purity Aluminum.
4.) Cover: High Strength and High Transparent Toughened Glass.
5.)Fastener Bolt and Screws: Stainless Steel
6.)Arm Diameter: 60mm
7.) IP65
Adopt imported high performance chip patent packaging,than the traditional energy-saving lamps 60%
pavement evenness achieves 0.7 above,uniform illumination without spot phenomenon
high color: reduction of objects it color,beautify the city environment
The environmental health:LED no mercury,no UV radiation,is more conducive to environmental protection and human health

Solar panels
energy efficient electric energy converter device
The solar panel is composed of a plurality of each unit,using semiconductor P-N pole photoelectric,light energy is converted into electric energy

Storage battery
Uses the high efficiency,maintenance-free batteries,can be in calm,no day lighting conditions to work for 5 consecutive days

The microcomputer controller
preventing overcharge and over discharge
Time control and light control function
The strong wind protection function

Solar energy light brief introduction
1.Using the microcomputer intellective controller to transfer the light energy to electrical energy .Easy to install since no wiring & trenching,energy conservation and environmental protection
2.The microcomputer intellective controller is composed by advanced special-purpose integrated circuit,high conversion efficiency,prevent over-load &over-discharge,Output short circuit protection,extend work life, on the safe side,convenient usage.
3.High effective Non-maintaining accumulator cell,strong storage,durable usage.
4.Automatic track type time controller,Automatically adjust the working time along with different illumination time in various seasons.For extending the work time energy conservation intellective controller will automatic shut-off the light at Deep-night.

lighting source:LED
Solar panel:Monocrystalline or polycrystalline,10years life time
Storage battery:high efficiency colloid battery,free maintenance
Service life:5years
Controller:time control and light control,preventing from overcharge and over discharge,having output short circuit protection.
Ambient temperature:-30~+60
Lighting time :subject to exact configuration power,normal over 8hours.
1:How many cycles full charge&discharge about your battery?
 In 50% discharging deepness, it can be cycled for 1,200 times; in floating charging and discharging status, it can be cycled for 5000~6000 times. 
2.How to Choose the System Voltage  12V or 24V or for normal street Light ? 
We can design the System for 12v or 24v for solar street Light or 220-380V for normal street light .  
3.What's the main difference between mono and polycrystalline solar panel?
production process and cost. Polysilicon technology is more mature since it is an early technology compared with Monosilicon. 
4.The controller of your solar street light has dual time control function?
our solar charge controller is designed with dual time control function, you can set up the lighting time and divide it into two parts, like 12 hours (6 hours full power lighting + 6 hours half power lighting)



8M Pole Height 60W LED

11-12 Hrs 3-4Nights Lighting

Solar Panel:

140W*2PCs for 24V Lighting,17% Efficiency,Mono Crystalline Silicon.High Efficiency.

Gelled Battery

150Ah/12V*2PCs,Sealed Type,Gelled.Deep cycle.Maintenance Free

Intelligent Solar Controller, 
PWM Type,

15A/24V*1PC,Automatic Light and Time Control
Over-charging/discharging Protection
Reverse-connection Protection

Light source:High Power LED 

60W*1PC LED,White color,140LM/W,30Lux,6500K
IP65,120DEGREE Angle

Lifespan:More than 20years

8M Height,Steel,Hot-Dip Galvanized.With Arm,Bracket,Flange,Fittings