230W High Efficiency Poly Solar Panels

230W High Efficiency Poly Solar Panels
Product Details

Jiansheng Lighting, experienced staff and advanced equipment, is one of the best 230w high efficiency poly solar panels manufacturers and suppliers in China. We now have the highest quality and competitive price 230w high efficiency poly solar panels for sale. Welcome to buy our cheap products made in China or experience our customized service, and welcome to check the pricelist and quotation with us.

Product Description


Low voltage-temperature coefficient allows higher power output at high-temperature condition High efficient, high reliable solar cells ensure our product output stability


Manufactured in an ISO 9001:2008 certified plant
High efficiency, high safety, high reliability
Output power tolerance of +/-3%
25-year limited warranty on power output, 5-year limited warranty on materials and workmanship
We provide long-term spot

Components & Mechanical Data

Junction Box in proof-water with TUV Certificate

Bypass Diode Rated 15A
Solar Cable & Connector: 4m²  MC 4connector with TUV Certificate
1.Toughed Glass: The glass is super white cloth grain of toughened glass , the thickness of 3.2mm ,  the solar cell spectral response range of wavelengths (320-1100 nm), light transmittance over 91% , Ultraviolet light radiation , light transmittance is not falling . Toughened glass is made of components can withstand 25 mm in diameter of hockey hit at a speed of 23 m/s.
2. EVA:  0. 5 mm thickness with high quality EVA film as sealant of solar cell and and the connection between the glass, TPT agent. With high light transmittance and anti-aging ability. Solar cell encapsulation of EVA film after curing performance requirements:
Light transmittance is greater than 90% ; Crosslinking degree is more than 65-85% ; Peel strength (N/cm), glass/film is more than 30 ; TPT/film is more than 15 ; Temperature resistance , high temperature 85° C ,  low temperature - 40° C .,
3. TPT Back-Sheet: the back of the solar panel, ageing resistance , corrosion resistance , resistance to ultraviolet radiation, airtight, etc. Basic requirements.
4. Frame: aluminum alloy frame with high intensit , mechanical shock resistance ability

Strong, lightweight aluminum frame design with reinforced sealing and load hold to prevent freezing and warping, and stand against high wind.

Under Standard Test Conditions(STC): Irradiance of 1000W/m2, Am1.5 and 25º C cell temperature
Operating Temperature: -40 ~ +85° C
Storage Temperature: -40 ~ +85°

Technical Details
Solar Panel Model typeJSPV-PO230W
Solar Panel Peak power(Pmax)230W
Solar Panel Tolerance±3%
Solar Panel cell typePoly Crystalline Silicon ,156mm×156mm
Solar Panel Number of cells54 cells in series
Solar Panel Weighe18kg
Solar Panel Dimensions1480×992×35mm
Solar Panel Maximu power voltage (Vmp)27.1V
Solar Panel Maximu power current (Imp )8.49A
Solar Panel Open circuit voltage (Voc)31.4V
Solar Panel Short circuitcurrent (Isc)8.92A
Solar Panel cell effciency17.5%
Solar Panel Maximu system voltageDC 1000V
Solar Panel Temp.Coeff.of Isc(TK Isc)0.045%/ºC
Solar Panel Temp.Coeff.of Voc(TK Voc)0.34%/ºC
Solar Panel Temp.Coeff.of Pmax(TK Pmax)0.47%/ºC
Solar Panel Normal Operting Cell Temperature45±2ºC

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