Wholesale 12V 100ah Cheap Price Gel Battery

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 Battery features:
- Sealed and maintenance free operation battery
- Non-Spillable construction design.
- ABS Containers and Covers (UL94HB), UL94V-0 optional.
- Safety valve installation for explosion proof.
- High quality and high reliability.
- Exceptional deep discharge recovery performance.
- Low self discharge characteristic.
- Flexibility design for multiple install positions.
- No memory effec
- Wide operating temperature range

Max.Discharge Current30I10A (3min)
Using TemperatureDischarge: -45ºC~50ºC
Charge: -20ºC~45ºC
Storage: -30ºC~40ºC
Recommended Using Temperature15ºC~30ºC
Max.Charge Current≤0.25C10
Charge Voltage (25ºC)Float Charge: 13.5V-13.8V
Average Charge: 14.4V-14.7V
Cover MaterialABS  Engineering Plastic
Charge Mode(25ºC)Float Charge:2.275±0.025V/Cell
Temperature Compensation Coefficient :±3 mV/Cell ºC
Cycle Charge:2.45±0.05V/Cell
Temperature Compensation Coefficient: ±5 mV/Cell ºC
Capacity Affected by Temperature105 % 40ºC
85 % 0ºC     
60 % -20ºC
Cycle life 
100%DOD  1190times    
50%DOD   2530times
30%DOD   3200times

Compared with the common lead acid battery
(1)Different life
General lead-acid batteries are generally: 4~5 years
Gel battery is generally: 12 years
(2)Different use environment
General lead-acid battery can not be more than 3 degrees below zero
Gel battery can work at minus 30
Ordinary lead-acid battery acid phenomenon, improper management will produce explosion
Gel battery does not climb acid phenomenon, will not produce explosion

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