Wind Solar Hybrid Street Light-Jiansheng Lighting

At present, some remote place could not get the government power normally. According to the situation, our company could supply wind solar hybrid system. It makes great use of sunshine and wind, which is clean, normal and recycling.

Wind solar powered lighting system is designed as a complete package that makes it simple to install, maintain and monitor. The street light system is combined with LED lamp, solar panel, small wind turbine, battery and controller.

When the sunshine and wind is coming, the system will produce energy. In the daytime, the energy will be stored into the battery for backup. When night is coming, LED lamp will turn on automatically and get power supply from battery. Especially in the winter, the wind will be much stronger, and the sunshine will be less, but at summer, the sunshine will be better and the wind will be less. So the wind solar hybrid system is the perfect match for supplying power to the off- grid street light.