Universal Access To The New Rural Solar Lighting----national Policy Development

New rural construction is in the context of rapid economic development, and constantly improve the level of urbanization, people are very concerned about rural development and. In recent years, China also attached great importance to economic development and new rural construction in rural areas. So that we can better improve the Socialist market economic system, but also to better realize the socialism new rural construction, urban and rural development, but also better able to develop the rural economy, and achieve the goal of common prosperity. Rural planning work must be in the process of construction, when planning for rural villages, to better ensure that its programming is very reasonable, and to ensure the sustainable development of rural economy. At the time of the construction of new countryside, to recycling economy in as much energy, utilization of funds investments less big. The main material is silicon solar panels, there are also other alloys. When the solar panels when hit by light, capable of converting solar energy into electricity, the current flows from one party to the other party. Solar panels are designed according to this principle.

Solar panels as long as sunlight or light exposure, usually be issued. In order to make the solar panels to minimize light reflection, increase conversion rate, usually on top of it are covered with a layer of membrane to prevent light reflection, making solar panel surface is purple. In addition, the inclination of the solar panel, solar street lamps, the possibility of effective lighting can have a considerable effect. Solar energy inexhaustible, inexhaustible, so rest assured, not to worry about the problem of pollution.