Manufacturer Analysis Of Future Market Trends For 4 Lights

Today, the deterioration of the environment, and serious damage to non-renewable resources, for the sustainable development of industries, Governments have promoted to LED traffic lights to replace the traditional energy-saving renovation project of the traffic lights, and advancing to two or three cities, and "intelligent city" involvement, enhanced the advantages of LED traffic lights, is accelerating the process of popularization of LED traffic lights. Nobuyasu traffic lights manufacturers predict that 2015-2017 replace the boomers will be the global LED outdoor lighting, LED traffic lights installed in the world the next 5 years will increase by 4 times.

However, its popularity has not been scheduled, especially LED traffic lights and speed significantly below expectations this year, slowing, is subject to a change in Government, corruption and other objective factors, or is it subject to LED traffic signal technology, subjective factors such as market prices? Present situation and future development opportunities for LED street light, manufacturers said the traffic lights specification for LED traffic lights-free biggest bottleneck. Standardization will be gradually established in the time ahead, creating a "standard"!