Main Reasons Why Solar LED Street Light Maintenance Is Required

Solar LED street lighting systems require least maintenance, which makes it a preference for businesses seeking for a money-savvy option on energy and installation fees. It may be a surprise for many that solar lighting systems don’t require the same kind of maintenance that on-grid electric lights do?  

But here’s a catch. Solar LED’s need maintenance as well, though, for certain reasons. Like,

1.Rechargeable battery to store solar power generated from the sun

Rechargeable solar batteries tend to discharge on their own which means it may reach to an extent where the Solar LED Street light maintenance for the batteries will be needed. It is important to charge your solar lights after every particular time period, say every three (3) months, to make sure it stays in good condition and lasts the lifespan it commits, which is commonly one or two years or more.

2.Small solar cells or solar array used to generate electricity

Small solar cells, also called photovoltaic (PV) cells, or solar array that is used to generate electricity by using sunlight during the day. The solar array is typically assembled right into the light fixture whereas some light designs have separate solar arrays linked with a thin wire. It allows the light to be placed regardless of the location, be it in a shady area, while the solar array itself can be placed in a bright, sunny location. In case, the lighting time and brightness reduces by the time, make sure the solar light batteries are charging correctly. For the best charging performances thesolar panel needs to be cleaned on a regular basis

3.Charge controller ensures stable batteries charging

A charge controller safeguards batteries from getting overcharged in bright sunlight along with monitoring the amount of light in the surrounding area and turn the LED (light emitting diode) light on and off.

4.Replace the old batteries with new when life cycle ends 

It becomes important to replace old batteries in Solar LED Street Lightingwhen the life cycle comes to an end. While buying solar lights, the rechargeable batteries are generally included in the fixture and after 1-2 years, it is quite common to see their performance drop.

As these streetlights are placed under harsh environments, covering the battery, the hardware and the outer surface finishing needs a special attention when installed.