How To Install A Solar Street Light

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How to install a solar street light?

In the morden century, more and more people are willing to choose environmental friendly products. People become more and more interested in protecting environment and green energy.

Solar street light is a good example. And the steps to install a solar street light are easy.

Steps to Install a solar street light pole:

The followings are six easy steps to install a solar street light effectively.

1. Dig a hole
First of all, you need to dig a hole in the ground and try to din the hole according to the size of the pole.

2. Connect foundation kits
Foundation kits needs to get laid very carefully because they sre the root for making the pole stand strong.

3. Concrete foundation
You need to properly concrete the foundation for the solar street light pole.

4. Lift the solar street light
To lift a solar street light, you need a crane. If you don't have a crane, you can ask  your friends or family members for help. You will need around 5-6 men to do this job properly.

5. Screw light pole

To make sure you have installed the pole firmly in the ground, you always nut and bolt them strongly so that the pole should stand straight.

6. Adjust the balance
To get the correct lighting from the solar street light pole, always adjust the balance accurately so that the light will flow in the right direction.

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