Detailed Components Of Solar LED Street Lamp

Now,solar street lights can be seen on the street everywhere,the most important reason is that our community care more about the environmental problem.

There are five main components of solar street lights:solar panels,solar battery,solar controller,LED fixture and light pole.

1.Solar Controller:

The controller has a direct effect on the transient component of the solar street lamp system.

2.Solar Battery:

Battery capacity is a major problem.We often use 2 types of solar batteries: gel battery and lithiunm battery. Gel battery can be used for 5-8 years and lithium battery can be used for 10 years in nomal condition.

3.LED Light Fixture:

LED light source need to be with good quality.We should use efficient LED street lamps, the choice of high Liuming chip is mainly important.

4.Solar Panel:

We produce high quality components with CE, TUV approved, conversion capacity is more than 17% which can effectively guarantee the power supply board.

5.Light Pole:

We produce light poles for more than 13 years, we can control the cost and the price of poles. 

So we can CUSTOMIZE all kinds of solar street light, and we provide you the factory price.