Breaking News: 12th Street Lighting Forum Held In Yangzhou

China road lighting Forum has been successfully held 11 times so far, each with their own characteristics, along with the vigorous development road lighting industry in China. Through the exchange of road lighting design and experience of this forum, introduced the latest street lighting projects, road lighting business and marketing management in research, exploring the direction of technology development and application, continue to promote the road lighting energy-saving lighting, lamps, ballasts, smart control applications and raise the level of design, make it more rapid and healthy growth.

12th China road lighting Forum was held March 30, 2016-April 1 in Yangzhou, Jiangsu Conference Center. This forum by China Association of lighting outdoor lighting, the illuminating engineering society of China Professional Committee, Chinese public works Association professional Committee of urban lighting sponsored jointly by China Association of lighting the lighting, lamps, gaoyou Association jointly sponsored. The Forum also received widespread media attention, this forum is to support media lighting China network, China's optical network, consumer lighting, lighting people, China daily, China road lighting, lighting NET, Aladdin lighting, engineering LED network, China Street, Oriental lighting, lamp clusters and other media.

This times Forum get has Dragon lighting, and Crystal day lighting, and Lei Shiguang electric, and fly Le audio, and niukesi lighting, and light Yu lighting, and Hao beauty photoelectric, and easy shell lighting, and distance photoelectric, and Shi Fute photoelectric, and section sharp photoelectric, and wisdom joint letter pass, and Shun boat intelligent technology, and in the constant sent Granville power, and China body lighting, and Lei Peide technology, and odd points technology, and wide day electrical, and times of light lighting electrical detection, and hung treasure technology, and Aix-en-Provence body electrical, and gold pioneer photoelectric, and days male lighting, and Fang Dazhi control, and song Sheng electronic, industry well-known Enterprise and well-known brand of support.