2016 Lithium Battery Hot Solar Street Lights

Solar Street is a new energy road lighting products, its energy-saving environmental of features by has national policy of vigorously support, but traditional of solar Street also exists with many security problem, for example battery of using years, and long time using appeared lost electric phenomenon, and anti-theft means, and bright lamp Shi long,, customer in purchase solar Street Shi these factors also in effect with they of decided, industry within many of enterprise also is for improved traditional solar street of these disadvantages constantly efforts.

Lighting for traditional solar street of these problem combined contemporary advanced of PV technology, in and peer constantly of research practice Xia, launched new lithium battery solar Street, lithium battery compared traditional of colloidal battery, storage can more big, and quality more light, and shape more small, can directly placed Yu lamps in the, also can placed in solar Board below, or rod pieces Shang, anti-theft capacity more strong, avoid rainy day water situation, and integration of lithium battery solar Street in installation maintenance Shang more simple convenient, Most major is more than ordinary solar battery charge/discharge efficiency, life under the year of uninterrupted work 1.5 times.