2015 Solar Street Lamp Industry Summary

2015 under the influence of energy saving and environmental protection topics, development of road lighting industry solar street lights is on the rise, data showed that output of more than 165,000 tons of polycrystalline silicon, rose 21%, the PV industry has brought many positive effects.

Solar Street from started to development, scale constantly expanded, makes industry pattern more clear, industry concentrated degrees gradually upgrade; early solar Street high of price also in for market expanded continued declined, brings has solar Street sales of further outbreak; due to China to wide real Bo, universal solar street of cost has global leading, in technology Shang is full overtaking; market of hot also led has on products of independent development capacity, alternative abroad of advanced imports products capacity also in further enhanced.

With the advancement of technology, silicon for more efficient energy absorption efficiency and gradually replace the PV market, at present China's PV industry has become the country's few leading industries, over time, when new energy sources to replace traditional sources of energy become primary energy consumption when people's lives, will return to Earth a more clean environment, people's standard of living will be better.