150sets All-in-one Solar Street Lights In Mexico Jun 2017


Fully self-contained solar light with more flexibility when mounting.
     -Easy installation. No wiring necessary.
     -Separante panel and light head allows more flexibility in placing fittings.

 Brighter light when you need it. 

     -Built-in infra-red motion sensor regulates light output automatically.
     -Changes from dim mode(30%) to bright mode(100%) upon motion detection.
     -Light sensor restricts operation during daylight to save battery power.

Built tough for tough conditions
     -Superbright 25W LED light and powerful 50W solar panel suit many commercial&industrial applications.

Rustproof, dustproof and waterproof

     -Rated IP65 for all outdoor applications

Zero running cost
    -Fully solar powered.
    -Lithium ion battery prolongs life and protects the environment.