The future development of city street

In recent years, with the expansion of scale of China's cities and urban infrastructure also increased year by year, the scale of urban road lighting construction is also a leap year, city street construction continued to expand at the same time, have an increasingly higher requirements for lamps, also put forward higher requirements on energy conservation and environmental protection.

China joined WTO yilai, introduced has many abroad advanced of design concept, and technology knowledge and the city street system of overall layout construction and maintenance management concept, combined local technology knowledge Hou, constantly improved itself of insufficient of at, now China road lighting industry of various technology specification are is according to international lighting Committee standard, combined China reality developed of, domestic subdivision according to the place of geographical conditions, and day and night temperature, made different of adjustment,.

City street construction is beneficial to the people's welfare projects, their development apart from street person's unremitting efforts in research, development, also depends on the support and under the leadership of the Government policy in the public interest, believes city street tomorrow will be better.