Solar lighting manufacturers three advantages

Network marketing developed so that when the customers buy solar lighting manufacturers and individuals hard to distinguish between true and false, but careful observation, insight is the ability to identify, because manufacturers sell solar street lamps than individuals do have three advantages.

Manufacturers 1, large-scale production capacity. Manufacturers to sign production contracts with customers, estimated production plans in the near future, can give a customer the delivery date of the deviation is less, time is due to the deviation of logistics vehicles, and long-distance transportation traffic impact, makes transportation uncertainty.

2, professional technical team. Manufacturers due to the development needs to train a group of professional technical team, when a customer order is received, staff will provide information, scientific and strict calculation of specific parameters of solar street lighting system, matching the correct system configuration.

3, perfect service system. Manufacturers to ensure that every batch of product eligibility, when customers used the manufacturer's products, manufacturers provide products advisory services by manufacturers to produce products within the warranty period if there is any quality problem, manufacturers of unconditional repair or replacement.