PA solar street lighting system lighting market prelude

Buy outdoor lighting products on the market today have seen little to ask ordinary lamps, will buy solar lighting as a preferred engineering, because as the price of solar technology that enables solar products is further reduced, from both a comprehensive cost considerations or in order to protect the environment, energy saving and emission reduction, solar street lighting system PA lighting market is irresistible.

Solar Street as new green energy-saving products, due to technology problem, a began of price compared general road lamp is some disparity, but with technology of progress currently price has low to thousand Yuan, and General of road lamp price aspects gap has is unlikely to, but function Shang than General Street advantage still is obviously, not only not need power, can independent work, and in installation maintenance Shang more of simple convenient, Solar lights on the market share of the entire street market has decided the solar street lamps in the future will completely replace the traditional street markets.