New rural construction preferred solar street lights

In recent years rural development increasingly fast, draw those for seeking economic development makes environment was damage of painful case Hou, new rural construction more fancy on environment of protection, as returning also forest, and road Green, and life garbage concentrated processing,, which in road construction Shang, developed has road Green standard, road flat, and no mess, phenomenon of provides, and road construction of based facilities in road lamp of requirements Shang, although no hard provides must using energy-saving environmental of solar Street, but some has thought, and has ambitions of environmental people, Pushing for road lighting with solar Street proposed, compared to traditional high pressure sodium lamp, solar street light wiring without ditching, increasing construction costs, also saves the electrical energy required for the supply of road lighting, saves electricity while avoiding the generation of pollution to the environment.

Due to City Road bright of history long, power supply of supporting facilities has perfect, also can said formed has cumbersome, with for solar Street engineering vast, hinder heavy, and new rural road bright of construction completely no this while of hinder, installation solar Street more can avoid for construction with to villagers life traffic Shang of inconvenience, engineering cycle more short, Scouting type installation not to road traffic brings inconvenience, overall solar street of construction more can for new rural brings a unique of landscape line.