Solar Street Lights, reliable and cost effective solar solutions

Solar street lights have been available for quite a time now, having originally been designed for use in less developed or isolated areas, or perhaps places where the electricity supply has been disrupted by man-made or natural disasters.

The technology guiding the use of solar energy has progressed significantly to enable projects to be feasible throughout the world. The situation now is that street lights powered by solar energy can be simply and rapidly installed, giving the potential of many years of trustworthy use, with a minimum of maintenance required.


During thiese times of heightened environmental awareness, electric street lighting is rightly regarded as an enormous consumer of electricity, at a huge financial and environmental cost. However, Considering the road safety and security benefits which result from a good street lighting system, authorities everywhere are keen to implement cost-effective and environmentally friendly lights. Solar street lights can deliver that much-desired outcome and offer an exceptional lighting program whilst, at the same time, producing considerable economic and environmental savings.

However, it must be stressed that although solar street lighting, in a well-designed network, can bring significant benefits, it is imperative that those lights which are chosen are completely appropriate for the specific environment and implementation. It is impossible to buy ‘one size fits all’ or ‘straight from the shelf’ solar street lights systems as you might do for, perhaps, solar garden or yard lights. Careful consideration has to be given, for example, to the kind of solar panels to be employed; the batteries; the lamps or LEDs – Light Emitting Diodes; and the kind of electronic circuitry to be utilized in the solar charger controller and the back up system, needed for days when the sun doesn’t shine!