How many businesses are there in the solar market swimming naked

Hot of solar street market holding up has a and a of businesses, which some for formal Street production manufacturers, and some just sets has a "vest", and no full of production business procedures and capacity, this on representative has its production capacity and quality cannot to customer guarantees, solar Street absorption light work, which exists is big of technology means, in guarantees night pedestrian security of while, on light time, and life, has is high of requirements, by formal manufacturers production out of products more can to people guarantees.

Actually, dang was are in "nude swimming", may market has "tide", manufacturers in foreign business Shi not alone just sold products itself, in sold zhiqian manufacturers will according to customer provides of information strictly of calculation local by need of solar Street configuration situation, maximum degree Shang meet light requirements; in using process in the, manufacturers 24 hours answers customer by need understand of problem, guarantees products effective security of run work; in trading completed Hou, manufacturers also will on products quality is responsible for, During the warranty period any quality problems is unconditionally free replacement or repair. As the old saying goes, selling not just products, and services.