History of LED street lamps

Light emitting diode (abbreviated LED) is a solid state semiconductor light source are century recognized as the fourth generation light source, with energy-saving, environmental protection, long service life and shock resistance together with the advantages of; high power LED of them within the next few years one of the most promising electronic industry, received strong support from Governments and promotion.

The "Eleven-Five" program in the "Eleven-Five" low energy consumption per unit of GDP during the period around 20%, main 10% reduction in pollution emissions, realize the situation of energy saving and emission reduction goals is critical.

1998 Japan implemented the "21st century scheme", in 2000, the EU launched the "Rainbow scheme", the 2000 United States implementation of the "National Semiconductor lighting scheme", 2003, China launched a "National Semiconductor lighting project", led the establishment of the Department of science and technology coordination group led by National Semiconductor lighting.

On December 28, 2007, the State finance and the national development and Reform Commission below together with the promotion of efficient lighting products interim measures for the administration of subsidy funds, clear the LED semiconductor lighting as efficient lighting products.

Australia, and Canada, the European Union and other countries and United States more than State Government have planned over the next few years to prohibit the use and sale of incandescent bulbs.