Complicated, uncertain prospects of lighting industry

Statistics show that the current lighting business in China has reached more than 20,000, and in today's industry trend, 3-5 years in the future there will be a large number of enterprises are facing transformation, merger or directly eliminated, mega-merger is normal, so in 2015 by the lighting industry known as "merger".

Facing the struggling market, we firmly believe that tomorrow is the burst out, in order for the survival and development of the company, the company adhere to "cut" policy, while intensifying the power of the network business and the acquisition of profitable enterprises, scale back our products on the other hand, focused on launching the company main products, reduce unnecessary spending.

In the poor economic environment of the industry downturn, and are often accompanied by opportunities, transformation and upgrading of enterprises more easily in this environment, innovation development, accumulation of corporate power, enhance brand awareness, many unscrupulous businesses to lower quality in order to ensure adequate profit, enterprises should adhere to the development of ideas, winning the market reputation, Enterprise advantage during the off-season.