City traffic police

Life with the application of science and technology in General, in the field of security monitoring and traffic safety, bar essential, depending on the environment and traffic categories are not the same, Rod also have different standards.

In monitoring rod in the has road monitoring rod and community monitoring rod,, road monitoring according to by to monitoring road environment of different need different of monitoring area and monitoring height, so monitoring rod of height and cross out arm length also has different of requirements, General has in junction accident more sent lots of monitoring and road sides speed monitoring, these monitoring rod of State Rod height not below 5 meters, bar length and road of width into is proportional to the; in community monitoring Shang, monitoring State Rod General for 3-4 meters high, Arm length of 0.8 meters, according to the setting of environmental requirements, these bars work outdoors, eroded by wind and rain for a long time, the bar is very high with the technology and life, so when members came out, anticorrosion heat galvanization and electrostatic spray processing, product service life for more than 20 years.

Traffic class rod pieces of application is variety of, has traffic logo class rod pieces and traffic lights rod pieces, traffic logo class rod pieces according to logo uses determine rod pieces of size, as limited speed, and ahead construction, logo rod pieces for separate column type rod pieces, height 2.5-3.5 meters high, round, diameter rod pieces, Quintana hot plating zinc; junction locations tips class logo brand rod pieces General for large rod pieces, across road or half across and "t" type, and "f" type,, State Rod height according to road situation determine, logo brand height not below 5 meters.