Road Safety High Quality Flashing 50W LED Traffic Light

Road Safety High Quality Flashing 50W LED Traffic Light
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Road Safety high quality flashing 50W  led traffic light

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High bar

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Red and blue

Main scope of application

Roads, streets, and public places

Product description:

Road traffic signal lamp is one of the categories of traffic safety products. It is an important tool to enhance road traffic management, reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents, improve the efficiency of road use, and improve the traffic situation.Applicable to cross, such as T-intersection, from road traffic signal control machine control, guidance of vehicles and pedestrian traffic safety in an orderly manner.Types of traffic lights are: Lane lights, pedestrian crossing lights, non motor vehicle signal lamp, direction indicator lights, mobile traffic signal lamp, solar flashing warning lights, ceiling lights the toll station.Traffic signal lamp is an important part of traffic signal control, and it is the basic language of road traffic. Traffic lights from the red light (that is, no traffic), the green light (that allows traffic), yellow light (indicating the warning).Divided into: lights, vehicle lights, non motor vehicle lane, crosswalk signal lamp lights, directional signal lights, flashing warning lights, level crossing signal lamp.Widely used in Road intersection, bend, bridges and other dangerous sections of safety hazards, command the driver or pedestrian traffic, promote the smooth flow of traffic, to avoid traffic accidents and accidents.

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Packing and delivery:

Packing: carton packaging lamps commonly used, but the lamp is fragile, easy to deformation, in order to ensure the safety of the lamp to reach buyers hands, far away and fragile, easy to deformation, we often use wooden frame reinforced wooden frame.

Delivery: because the lights are heavy, so the freight need according to the quantity and destination specific accounting.

We promise existing goods delivery within 48 hours.

Customized goods 7~15 days of delivery.

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